[Mageia-discuss] [Mageia-dev] hplip update in progress - feedback needed

Gary Montalbine gmontalbine at cox.net
Wed Sep 7 16:00:27 CEST 2011

On 09/07/2011 09:03 AM, Florian Hubold wrote:
> Am 07.09.2011 14:34, schrieb Gary Montalbine:

>> Is photosmart B-209 a-m supported? I had trouble printing color photos
>> thru print assistant. They photos were blotched. Unusable. I had to
>> revert back to ML2010.2. If it would be help I will try. However I am
>> just a user and may have problems trying to install Mageia with ML.
>> Gary
> Dang HP model names. Can't find it here:
> http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/supported_devices/index.html
> Can you? Only found Photosmart Plus All-in-one Printer - b209a-c.

That's close enough. It works in ML. I will try it. It may take a couple 
of days for me to figure out the install bit.

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