[Mageia-discuss] hplip update in progress - feedback needed

Doug Lytle support at drdos.info
Thu Sep 8 21:25:25 CEST 2011

Florian Hubold wrote:
> No cauldron users with HP printers? Please guys, c'mon!
>>>> Any feedback is really appreciated.

Just a note on this.

I did a fresh install of Mageia 1 last night, no updates.  Then I 
followed Florian's instructions on how to move to Cauldron.  It failed 
and broke the system.

It downloaded 59 perl related packages and then the urpm tools broke.  I 
did another install and let the Mageia 1 updates install over night.  
Then I followed the instructions again today.

I'm now running Cauldron.  My guess is that you need a fully updated 
Mageia 1 installation before trying to do the upgrade to Cauldron.

I'll test out my HP Laserjet P1006 tonight and report my results.



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