[Mageia-discuss] Install fails

andre999 andre999.mga at laposte.net
Mon Sep 12 15:20:03 CEST 2011

Florian Hubold a écrit :
> Am 12.09.2011 11:36, schrieb andre999:
>> KevinO a écrit :
>>> On 09/11/2011 05:05 AM, Renaud (Ron) Olgiati wrote:
>>>> Installed Mageia 1 on an external HD, work a treat; glad I did,
>>>> enables me to
>>>> wrtie this !
>>>> I then trie to upgrade my Mdv 2010.2 system, from the Mageia 1 DVD, the
>>>> upgrade failed.
>>> Do not 'upgrade'. Do a clean install. (This has been stated here
>>> repeatedly.)
>> Sorry, but that is not true.
>> The Mageia 1 DVD was _designed_ to upgrade mdv 2010.2, and worked
>> flawlessly on my portable. (Much better than any recent mdv upgrade.)
>> However, it will (likely) not work if you try to update using a USB
>> 2.0 optical drive.
>> Probably because the USB interface to an optical drive is too slow.
>> (I tried that initially, without thinking, as my portable will not
>> write DVD's.)
> Depending on your Mandriva installation and if you had backports enabled,
> upgrade will fail. There are some blockers, f.ex. hplip, which is 3.11.5
> for
> Mandriva and only 3.11.3a for Mageia 1. Also some backports can make the
> upgrade fail.
> There are numerous forum posts and bugreports about that.

I took a look at the bug reports.
1) Updates from mdv2010.1|2 to cauldron were never expected to work.
2) Updates online are always prone to failure.  It is advisable to upgrade from 
a local source.
3) One bug was a failure due to a missing /tmp file, which is required by 
mkinitrd.  But simply creating the missing /tmp and redoing the update worked. 
  Indicating that it wasn't a flaw in the update process itself.
4) Which leaves one bug :
  A package not properly updated due to the use of symlinks.  In my experience, 
symlinks are generally not recognized in release updates.  (I've always had to 
recreate them.  So I've eliminated most such cases)

So essentially 1 possible mdv2010.1-to-mga1 release update bug, depending on 
how you look at it.

In my view, it is inadvisable to activate backports during a release update. 
Leaving them active for automatic update is somewhat like using cauldron.
(I think selective installation of backports is much saner.)

I don't see how having a later version of hplip already installed would cause a 
problem.  In my release update, existing packages with a more recent version 
were simply left in place.  (There is a bug with this in the title, but it is 
not referring to a release update.  I think they accidently put Mandriva 
instead of Mageia in the title.)

Also, I do my release updates from DVD, offline.  Then I go online for updates. 
  I find fewer problems that way.  (Partly because my Internet connexion is not 
always reliable.)

So I still consider an upgrade from mdv 2010.1 or 2010.2 to mga1 (release) to 
be advisable, as long as it is done prudently.
With possibly a few very rare exceptions.
The case of symlink problems doesn't preclude update, since anyone knowledgable 
enough to set up such a symlink would presumably be able to readily fix it.


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