[Mageia-discuss] I'd like to start to discuss the possibility of having one language per iso when it comes to full DVD-versions, similar to the Live-versions.

Johnny A. Solbu cooker at solbu.net
Wed Sep 14 03:18:13 CEST 2011

On Wednesday 14 September 2011 02:51, Kristoffer Grundström wrote:
> A long time have I wondered why a Swedish man/woman would want to have 
> more languages on his/her iso to install just Swedish as language.

> Look at the Live-iso's that we have to offer, they come with 16  
> languages each. 

I fail to see the problem.
Last time I checked, Mageia gives the user a choice of what language to use during install, and it only install the selected languages.
It does not install all 16 languages, only one or two, depending on whether you selected one or two languates to use, during the install.
Besides, the DVD isn't limited to 16 languages. As far as I can determine, the DVDs have all possible languages on the disk.

There are some users who have more that one user account on the machine, where the users have diferent languages.
A friend of mine is norwegian, and have a chinese wife. Having three languages (norwegian, english, chinese) make it very easy for both of them to use the same machine.
If we start to limit an install to only one possible language, we make it very difficult for many users.

Even Microsoft have started including all languages on the same installation medium. :-)=

Johnny A. Solbu
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