[Mageia-discuss] I'd like to start to discuss the possibility of having one language per iso when it comes to full DVD-versions, similar to the Live-versions.

Kristoffer Grundström kristoffer.grundstrom1983 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 03:28:10 CEST 2011

Kira skrev 2011-09-14 03:18:
> 在 Wed, 14 Sep 2011 09:02:01 +0800, Kristoffer Grundström 
> <kristoffer.grundstrom1983 at gmail.com>寫道:
>>> A Major question: So you got about 50~60 or even more different ISO
>>> with only difference in language? I think that would cause too much
>>> mirror resource and not too many mirror would like to offer the 
>>> services.
>> Well, all problems can be solved. This is just a cosmetical issue.
> You haven't got the point. Not every server can be controlled by
> ourselves. Most of the time, we just ask them to add Mageia into
> their mirroring services. So, if we want to make them mirror all the
> ISO, it would caused too much bandwidth and storage, which may cause them
> to refuse mirroring Mageia.
> Also, with more ISO, the work of QA would be tons heavier: More ISO to 
> be tested
> by them.
You have a point there, but I still like to ask more people to see what 
they think. There are places that offers mirroringspaces besides that to 
so that's not a problem either.

The Umeå University here in Umeå have a fast/reliable server to ask 
about this.
There's nothing wrong with asking, right?

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