[Mageia-discuss] Chromium : Stable, beta and unstable versions in core repositories

Thierry Vignaud thierry.vignaud at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 15:29:28 CEST 2011

On 16 September 2011 15:08, TJ <andrewsfarm at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, except that as a chromium-beta user, not only did I miss out on an
> update to the latest version and whatever features it might have, I was
> never informed that it had been added to the repositories at all. I only
> found out when I read it here.
> When I installed Mageia, I carried over my chromium configuration from
> Mandriva. But Mageia's chromium-stable didn't like that because Mandriva was
> at version 12 and Mageia was version 11. So I installed the beta version,
> because it would work and seemed a good compromise between the stable and
> unstable versions. But I expected a progression, with the latest version
> moving through unstable to beta and then to stable, not leaping over both.
> If that's the way it's going to be maintained, it appears that if I want to
> get the latest security fixes and features, I'd better stick to the stable
> version myself.

chromium-* are regularly updated in cauldron.
Feel free to push them as updates to mageia1.
Or as backports.

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