[Mageia-discuss] MANDATORY READ : 7 days before misc unleashes CERBERUS !

Maarten Vanraes maarten at rmail.be
Fri Sep 16 22:43:44 CEST 2011

Op vrijdag 16 september 2011 07:55:34 schreef Juergen Harms:
> I sign up for maintaining the backuppc and geda packages - but with two
> conditions:
>   1) the Mageia distro does not get mutilated as suggested in the misc
> CERBERUS stragegy
>   2) I get apprenticed for packaging
> I do not see why I should not take more packages - but one step at a time.

This is exactly why Stormi's idea is a great one, welcome i should say: look 
around for a mentor, ask andre999 about it (he's the mentoring coordinator)...

The idea is that your mentor will grab those packages for you (since he will 
be submitting your packages), until the time as such you will become a full 

i'll help to follow mageia-dev mailing list and go to the meetings on 
wednesday evenings on IRC in #mageia-dev. (freenode)

#mageia-mentoring is a channel dedicated to packaging and mentoring, likely 
you'll find andre999 there or other people who can help you with this.

good luck!

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