[Mageia-discuss] Where is ruby and Golan support?

Len Lawrence lcl at tarazed.demon.co.uk
Sun Sep 18 02:45:56 CEST 2011

On 18/09/11 00:37, Len Lawrence wrote:
> Not sure if this is the place to bring up installation issues but here 
> goes.
> Downloaded my very first ISO and burnt it to DVD.  Installed Mageia 1 
> on laptop without difficulty except the one which has happened in 
> every one of my 60-70 Linux installs over the past 15 years, no 
> network access during installation so no way of installing any 
> upgrades until after the reboot.  Anyway the GNOME desktop came up 
> fully customized exactly as on Mandriva but none of my home grown 
> programs upon which my life depends would run => no ruby.  All the 
> media sources available were installed but urpmi could not find 
> anything to do with ruby except a few KDE development packages.  Does 
> anybody know where ruby for Mageia lives?  And, if it is not available 
> is there any likelihood that the Mandriva RPMs would install properly 
> in Mageia?
> Post install Mageia 1 was unable to start up wlan which had been 
> running happily under Mandriva 2010.1 from an Intel Corporation 
> PRO/Wireless 3945 ABG [Golan] device, vintage 2008.  The wireless LED 
> never comes on so no local networks listed.
> Like many  users I am very grateful for the time and effort the 
> community has put into helping Mandriva refugees like me.  It looks 
> like a huge job but unfortunately I cannot offer any help re missing 
> packages because I am a fulltime carer and housekeeper for my invalid 
> wife and, yes I know, everybody has problems.
> Best regards
> Len
Wifi problem solved by rummaging around on Mandriva.  It seems that a 
range of Intel wifi devices are supported in packages called 
iwlwifi-nnnn-ucode where nnnn id the type like 3945.  Mageia knows about 
these already.  urpmi then click on the network icon on the panel and 
the network choices come up immediately.  A few seconds work and no 
reboot.  There seemed to be a daemon running already just waiting for 
the correct module to be loaded.  Simples!

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