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Florian Hubold wrote:

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>>>> TJ wrote:
>>>>> On 09/16/2011 06:56 AM, Florian Hubold wrote:
>>>> [snip]
>>>>>> Did you check that the printer itself prints a testpage correct
>>>>>> and not that maybe the ink cardridge is dried in?
>>>>> Agreed. If you haven't checked it, try making a black copy. I know that
>>>>> if I don't use my Officejet for 2-3 months, the black can stop flowing.
>>>>> Generally, removing the cartridge and dabbing the nozzle area with a
>>>>> damp paper towel is all that's needed to get it going again.
>>>> How could I test that the printer itself is working?  That is what the
>>>> "Test Page" is for.
>>>>>  From some distributions (Fedora 14, I think) it does print black, but
>>>> that was missing something else - text I think.
>>> Look at the manual, normally you hold down one key during powerup of
>>> the printer, and it starts to print a selftest, which is builtin to the printer
>>> itself.
>>> You can also print a diagnosis page with supply materials information
>>> and how many pages the printer already did and such. Should be in the manual.
>>> If you can't find it, report back here and i'll find it for you.
>> There are two "manuals".  One is a sheet of paper and the other is
>> slightly better.  Also, there is a CD.  I can't even get an alignment
>> page printed.  :-(
> Check: 

Mentions both Windows and Mac.  

> Method one: From the product control panel
>      1. Make sure there is plain white, letter-size paper loaded in the input tray.

I hope that A4 is near enough.  

>      2. On the product control panel, hold down the Power button (O), and then 
> press the Cancel button (X) once.
>      3. Release the Power button.
>      4. The self-test report prints.

No success on that sequence.  
> The link i gave also explains which cartridge prints what on that self-test page
> and common printing defects.
> But IIRC you should also be able to do some maintenance (cleaning nozzles,
> align ink cartridges) from one of the hplip tools (hp-toolbox or so)

I have no idea which rpm it is in, or what the executable files are 
called, but there is a HP tool in the main menu structure.  

It would appear that the black cartridge _partially_ works.  I have 
tried to clean it.  Everything _might_ be fine if I just buy another 
black cartridge.   ...then again, the printer as a whole has not 
been proved to work.  

The local pricing structure is that the manufacturers give away 
low end printers when you buy two cartridges.  So, it is time 
to print some "ordinary" stuff and if it works well enough 
buy a black cartridge, or a printer.  

> If all doesn't work: Can you copy a page with colors and black directly on your 
> printer?
> Does the copy come out OK?

Color photocopies look OK, black ones (sometimes) come out white.  

blind Pete
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