[Mageia-discuss] System won't boot after hardware upgrade

xi ctrl.alt.sup at free.fr
Thu Sep 22 11:51:19 CEST 2011


I have changed my motherboard and Mageia now refuses to boot (kernel 
panic after trying to mount /dev/sda1 : "waiting for device sda1 to 
appear (timeout 1 min), ...").

I think I know the reason of my problem : the initrd does not load the 
correct driver for my "new" IDE controller, so it can't mount my disk 
(driver for old motherboard is pata_amd and new driver is pata_via).

I tried to play with mageia rescue CD, but I am unable to regenerate the 
initrd with the correct IDE driver (in fact, the rescue CD doesn't even 
contain the mkinitrd command).
My question is : how can I solve my problem, given that I have only one 
rescue CD and my HD containing mageia that don't boot anymore ?

A long time ago in the perfect world of Mandrake (:P), all IDE 
controller were included _inside_ the kernel and _not_ compiled as 
modules*, so this problem never occured because all IDE drivers were 
always "loaded" (thus allowing my system to be booted on any computer).

Now that the ide/sata drivers as compiled as modules, why don't the 
initrd try to load all the ATA drivers if mounting of "/" fails ?
(from my point of view, it is a much better solution than failing with a 
kernel panic ...)

Thanks for your help,

*this is _my_ interpretation, I may be wrong.

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