[Mageia-discuss] Blogdrake repository for Mageia

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Fri Sep 30 23:27:36 CEST 2011

Le vendredi 30 septembre 2011 14:38:15, Joaquin Mandriva a écrit :
> Hello!
> My name is Joaquin, belonging to http://blogdrake.net team. I am
> writing to you because I would like to let you know that we have
> created a repository with a big amount of good programs for Mageia.
> Our final target is to upload all of them to the official Mageia's
> repositories.
> We are currently uploading all these packages to the Mageia's BS step
> by step, because there are few people of us to do so. Also, also we
> don't have too much time because we also take care of Blogdrake,
> Mageia's news and the translations English to Spanish.
> Meanwhile, you can use and enjoy our repository in this way:
> urpmi.addmedia --wget --distrib ftp://ftp.blogdrake.net/mageia/mageia1/i586
> The x86_64 repository is not finished yet, but you still can add it in this
> way:
> urpmi.addmedia --wget --distrib
> ftp://ftp.blogdrake.net/mageia/mageia1/x86_64
> Cheers!

Please note that installing packages from such a repository can be very 
convenient (and it's kind from Blogdrake to provide those packages to users), 
but like in Mandriva, I would advise to not install too much packages from 
there (or any other 3rd party repository), because it can make upgrades to the 
next Mageia distribution (Mageia 2) fail.

So a big thank you to Joaquin and other blogdrake packagers to come towards us 
and start maintaining those packages from inside (you will maintain them in 
the long run, including bugs, will you ?), but I would advise to wait for 
those packages to come to Mageia as updates (for those that were present in 
Mandriva 2010.2) or backports. Hopefully you'll not wait too much.

To Blogdrake team: I'm very interested in packaging backports, so as soon as 
backports media will be open, I will be glad to work with you on that, and 
also to help define the limit between packages that can be backported and those 
that can't and that you can continue to provide in your media (and which I 
would still advise not to install, to avoid upgrade problems and simplify user 
support in Mageia bugzilla :))

Best regards

Samuel Verschelde

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