[Mageia-discuss] Mageia review with bad experience

Renaud (Ron) Olgiati renaud at olgiati-in-paraguay.org
Fri Oct 7 16:57:54 CEST 2011

This part of the review set me thinking:

> When I say much better, I mean a hundred questions asking you to choose
> your keyboard, language, timezone, and whatnot, a very Mandriva-like
> practice. Some distributions, like PCLinuxOS managed to keep the
> questionnaire down to a minimum, but Mageia throws the full plethora of
> options at you, which is hardly what you want or expect.
Could there be a way for the live distro to detect the presence of an existing 
install on the HD of the box, and if so get from there all this information 
needed to launch the live CD ? 
Possibly checking with the user that it is all right to do so in case he wants 
other settings ?

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