[Mageia-discuss] New install

Luiz Alberto Saba las at transauto.com.br
Tue Oct 11 20:07:38 CEST 2011

Hi all

I'm a linux user for more than 10 years.
Initially, I've used Conectiva and then switched to Mandrake.
I've deployed Mandriva at almost all machines (~70) at work (I'm the IT 
manager, so, the users complained a lot, initially, but now they feel 
linux ok).
My personal machine always have been cooker (work & home).
I've done some Mageia installs at work (including my Cauldron machine) 
but I was afraid of "converting" my cooker machine at home (a little bit 
unorthodox configuration).
About 2 weeks ago, I dit it.
Here's my feedback:

1. I have a local mirror of Mageia, so, I've tried to burn a boot.iso cd 
(Cauldron) and do a HD install. No way. The installer complained that 
can not find Core 32.
2. Next try DVD (x86_64) (Mageia 1, of course). No problems at all.
3. After first boot, I've removed DVD resitories and added my local 
mirror. I did a urpmi --auto-select to update the installation. That's 
when the problems started.
I have 4 internal HDs as jbod, 2 more internal HDs as a RAID 0 disk and 
an external HD connected as e-sata. My linux boot disk is sda (RAID 0 is 
a windows 7 disk). During the update of kernel, mageia tools did a 
complete mess with device.map, menu.lst and install.sh (at /boot/grub).
Go back to DVD boot, and I've managed to edit the files manually and 
boot normally again.
4. It's time to Cauldron! Fine upgrade. No errors unless the mess with 
boot again.
Again DVD boot, etc...
Now, every time I install or upgrade a kernel, I have to manually edit 
device.map, menu.lst and install.sh BEFORE rebooting.
Mageia tools insists that RAID 0 is hd0 and my sda is hd1. That way I 
can't boot at all (linux & windows). The only way to my configuration 
work ok is naming sda as hd0 and RAID 0 as hd4 (which is the BIOS order, 
by the way...).

Apart of this problem (do not feel so bad. Mandriva did the same mess), 
congratulations to all of you who did an excellent job in a short time.

Luiz Alberto Saba

P.S.1: I use rpmsync in my mirroring script. Had to use the mandriva 
version, since Mageia do not have this script...
P.S.2: My printer was connected via USB & network, yet the installer did 
nothing. Only after the first boot I've managed to configure the 
printer. Why?

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