[Mageia-discuss] Distress signal for resolving issue with Drakxnet tools

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Wed Oct 12 14:54:50 CEST 2011

Renaud (Ron) Olgiati a écrit :
> On Wednesday 12 Oct 2011 07:34 my mailbox was graced by a message from
> andre999 who wrote:
>> BTW, are you monitoring the signals when you connect ?
> As a newbee in the field of WiFi, I'd like to know how to do that.
> TIA,
> Ron.
Click the network icon (by the clock), and the network centre window 
opens (after a few seconds).
Then click the arrow at the left to expand the wi-fi section, and you 
will see all the detected wi-fi signals.  If they don't show up right 
away, click the refresh button at the bottom of the wi-fi section.
There is a signal force column.  The size or colour of the icons 
indicates the force of each signal detected.  If you put the mouse 
pointer over the icon, it gives a % value.
100% indicates an optimal signal strength, which I often attain.  A 
lower value generally results in a slower transfer rate.

I use aria2 for large downloads (such as ISOs).  Aria2 will 
automatically reconnect if the connexion is lost, and prints a progress 
line every 60 seconds, showing transfer rate, % completed, and estimated 
finish time.

Regards :)


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