[Mageia-discuss] Setting up NFS shares with MCC -- fixing etc/fstab

Rama Space Ship ramaspaceship at free.fr
Fri Oct 21 14:46:37 CEST 2011

Hi Marc,
> Just to make sure:
> * you have 2 computers and set shares on either a drive or file folder 
> on computer #1
> * on computer #2, you then used MCC->Network Sharing ->Access NFS 
> shared drives and directories and clicked on "Search servers"
> * the result of the "Search servers" found your computer #1 IP
> * you then clicked on the computer #1 IP which then showed your shared 
> drive or folder
> * you then clicked on the shared folder and clicked "Mount point" on 
> the bottom
> * a window appeared saying "Where do you want to mount 
> "TheNameOfYourFolder" and it gave you the option of where to mount it. 
> (I usually leave it at default "/mnt/TheNameOfYourFolder") and clicked OK
> * you then clicked "Mount" and you DID NOT GET A WINDOW SAYING 
> "mounting partition .... failed"
> * you clicked on "Done"
> * a confirming window opened saying "Do you want to save the 
> /etc/fstab modifications? and you clicked Yes
> If this worked every time, it would be awesome. I have found that it 
> does not work. In my case I always get the warning window: "mounting 
> partition .... failed" and I then have to modify the fstab by hand 
> with the computer IP address.
If you add the <host name>/<IP address> mapping using the 
MCC/Network/<Host definitions> and don't modify by hand the fstab file, 
does it work or not?



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