[Mageia-discuss] Is LTS still considered?

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Wed Nov 2 09:28:45 CET 2011

Juan R. de Silva a écrit :
> On Tue, 01 Nov 2011 08:00:48 +0100, Maarten Vanraes wrote:
>> If you want to help in some way or other, we would gladly accept it.
> Well, I'm afraid I couldn't be in much help right now. You see, I'm not
> actually using Mageia on a daily basis yet. I installed it upon release
> to see what it would be like. I do run it from time to time just as a
> test drive. So, maximum I could provide now is some feedback.
> I was impressed by how much Mageia team succeeded to do in a short period
> of time. I liked Mageia's solid look and feel in general.
> However there was something I personally would like to see changed. I
> mean Mageia Control Center and its tools. I know it was just inherited
> from Mandriva. But I disliked it enormously. I've read it is planned for
> a complete re-design, and I think it is very smart decision.
> So, for now I'm just an interested watcher. And 2 things I've mentioned
> so far, Control Center, and LTS may convince me to join the community in
> the future.
> One thing only could bring Mageia out of my consideration, if all at a
> sudden Mageia team would decide to join "Let's Look Like Smart-Phone"
> madness that lately affected GNOME world.

There are many here, like myself, who are interested in LTS, which only 
has to be decided after the release of Mageia 2.  That depends largely 
on resources available.  By just be getting involved, you increase the 
chance of it happening.
The control centre is also an area of interest, and already there are 
various improvements being discussed and developed.  One of many 
improvements, the Mageia-appbd project, is in advanced stages of 
development.  It aims to make querying packages available (and 
subsequently installing them) much easier.
You can see a sample of it here:
As you can see, it is already usable, and under active development.
Here is the projet's home page:

As for the "Smart-Phone madness", as you put it, I couldn't agree more.  
Being a Gnome user, that affects me directly, and although initially 
Gnome will have the classic Gnome appearance available, who knows about 
the future.  There are other desktops which use much of the Gnome 
infrastructure which will likely continue a more classic presentation.  
As well, Mageia has KDE.  We intend to keep supporting a wide range of 

BTW, it would be interesting to know what exactly you don't like about 
the Mageia Control Centre.  The more feedback we have, the more we can 
address any perceived weaknesses.  In addition to the ideas we already 
have, collectively.

In all, since we are a community based distro, without an active 
commercial interest, it is the participation of the community that 
determines our direction.  That includes any feedback we get from 
observers such as yourself, but also more active involvement in 
discussion, promotion, documentation, translation, packaging and 
development, among other things.  So any way you would like to 
contribute will be appreciated.

Regardes :-)


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