[Mageia-discuss] BRe: KDE startup time

Morgan Leijström fri at tribun.eu
Sat Nov 12 16:23:48 CET 2011

fredagen den 11 november 2011 13.03.10 skrev  Florian Hubold:
> Am 10.11.2011 17:59, schrieb Lucien XU:
> > :D
> > 
> > Because "heavy KDE" is "default KDE". I just want to start "Default KDE"
> > a little bit faster.

> Then you should disable nepomuk, strigi, akonadi and maybe other services
> via systemsettings, if you don't use these. If you don't want akonadi at
> all, don't use the clock plasmoid in the control panel, and remove all
> akonadi agents from the scripts that autolaunch them, and don't use any
> kdepim application.

Good tips, i will try them on my old computer.

This is something that should be in the Wiki

And maye a small helper app "makeKDElean"

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