[Mageia-discuss] mageia 1 install

Maarten Vanraes alien at rmail.be
Sat Nov 19 10:15:48 CET 2011

Op zaterdag 19 november 2011 07:19:49 schreef bascule:
> i've just upgraded from mdv2010.2 to mageia 1, a few comments:
> my kde styule and colour settings weren't kept but this could have been a
> kde upgrade issue
> despite choosing a directory on my capacious home disk to download the rpms
> to before install (i used the mgaonline gui) the install just hung, i used
> the urpmi method and noticed that even though i specified --download-all
> /home/somedirectory i still received the message that my / partition
> didn't have enough space, after messing about removing suggested packages
> etc. i found that even though i still got the message the rpms were
> downloaded to the specified directory anyway :)
> otherwise fairly painless, still not happy with some kde features compared
> to 3.5 but that's hardly mageia's fault (no knewsticker, web shortcuts to
> static pages don't work properly)
> my one question is:
> how do i add the core 32 bit repository manually? i have the i586 and
> x86_64 repositories mirrored locally on an nfs server but i've read some
> comments on the web that the usual method of adding sources that i used in
> mandriva doesn't automatically add the 32 bit sources, is this right? in
> the past i would specify the root of the x86_64 repository but the gui
> would still find the adjacent i586 directory and add the 32 bit sources,
> is this still how it should work?
> bascule

when i add sources ( like with urpmi.addmedia --distrib 
'http://local.mirror/mageia/distrib/1/x86_64' ), it adds also Core32 

PS: you may be interested in urpmi-proxy ( it works like a local mirror, 
except it only fetches what you need, but it also checks if there's a newer 
version. so, it kind of syncs when you're using it.)

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