[Mageia-discuss] Grindingly slow LAN access when running off battery on new laptop

Robert Wood robert.wood at apostrophe.co.uk
Tue Nov 22 22:59:03 CET 2011

I have just got a Macbook Pro and successfully got it running Mageia. 
When I run it off battery however, if I am accessing shares on my local 
server, it just takes forever to load up the mounted shares in Dolphin. 
As soon as I plug in the power supply it works fine. I've never 
experienced anything like this before. It is the same whether I mount 
with smb4k or mount.cifs as root.

Anyone have any theories on why this might be happening please?

Also, you know the old spin-down thing with the disk where the disk 
stops spinning after a very short time? Is there a way to stop that too 

Other than that, it seems to work rather nicely on the Mac even if the 
******* glide pad drives me nuts!


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