[Mageia-discuss] Sun java updates must now be downloaded and installed manually.

Oliver Burger oliver.bgr at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 23 10:09:25 CET 2011

Am Mittwoch, 23. November 2011, 09:56:24 schrieb Thorsten van Lil:
> Where do we want to draw the line, as we did the same for skype?
But there is no really usable alternative for skype is there? Ok, there is 
ekiga and others, but you can't use them to communicate with skype users.
And: skype is an end user software. So there will be quite some people using 
skype who won't find their way to skype.com...

> We propagate the repositories as one main advantage of Linux. Everything
> is in one trusted source. No more seeking and downloading somewhere in
> the web from several sites. Automated updates. How should the uninformed
> and lazy user understand, that we didn't provide at least a "get-java"
> package?
Everything from one trusted source is all right with me, but we don't know 
anything about the trustworthyness of skype, oracle, adobe,...
Or let's say, we have an opinion about that, but I won't voice it in public 
not to be the target of legal issues :/

And as I said, people needing oracle java instead of OpenJDK will most likely 
be developers, so They know, how to install it. Or they are playing arround 
with stuff downloadad from some site in the web anyway, so why bother to keep 
the rest of their system clean?


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