[Mageia-discuss] Vicious problem with missing hal in alpha 1

Juergen Harms Juergen.Harms at unige.ch
Sat Nov 26 15:25:00 CET 2011

 > This could not be found because HAL was not running.

Ahh, that tells me something: after I had applied Rons recipy 
(downloaded the 9 packages and installed them with rpm - followed by a 
reboot) urpmi became launchable - but when the DVD was requested by 
urpmi it complained about the missing mount point /media/cdrom - has to 
be created manually each time.

Are there overlapping problems, maybe?
1. why does the installer not load hal (and its dependencies)?
2. what precisely is the nature of this media mounting problem?
3. why does urpmi fail because "hal" is not running?

They look rather independant from each other.

John: what result from urpmi do you want to see? urpmi simply, after 
enumerating the packages required, gave the message "urpmi: hal daemon 
is not running" (maybe I was sloppy noting the message, but that is 
about all I got).

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