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Johnny A. Solbu cooker at solbu.net
Mon Dec 12 03:44:49 CET 2011

On Monday 12 December 2011 03:19, Jeff Robins wrote:
> Can I safely change the permissions to '700'?

Sure, but in a minute or so msec may revert the changes.

I would change it in /etc/security/msec/perms.conf (Perhaps /etc/security/msec/perm.local can be used) and run msecperms afterwards.
/home/*                                          current.current         700
Then msec will from now on automatically enforce the permissions to what you want.
(Note: The spaces between the tree fields are TABs in my file, and not spaces. Also, "current.current" means that msec wont change the owner of files and folders. In /home/ you really don't want msec to automatically change ownership of files, or yourt users will be angry :-)= )

To get a grasp of some of the currently forced entries and what you can do, look in the various config files in /etc/security/msec/.
If you have the default security level, the *.standard are the files you want to look into. (I think) "*.local" overrides the default values.

I use this to enforce customized access restrictions on a couple of programs, so the few users who have access to my gateway don't have access to telnet and nmap unless they are members of a special group that I've setup.

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