[Mageia-discuss] erros after mageia1 install

Simon Parsons nzg at jrc.co.uk
Wed Dec 14 09:16:24 CET 2011

On 14/12/2011 04:19, bascule wrote:
as you can see the contents of 1 contradict the contents of 2 but both are
> produced by the msec cron jobs that run about 4am, i must be alone in this
> error since i can't imagine it being widespread and not reported before,
> therefore my install must be unique somehow and the only candidate in my mind
> is my not formatting /var when i did the install, only surely that's not
> uncommon?
> bascule

Hi bascule

I don't think it's permissions, but owners and groups that are your problem.

The second set of errors are about groups and owners.  They can differ 
from distribution to distribution - you had "yum" listed on your last 
e-mail, which implies a Fedora/RedHat-based installation was on there 
previously.  One or the other distribution (I can't remember which) 
enforces user:group IDs of 1000 and above on unprivileged users and 
Mageia allows 500 and above. That can cause some *real* problems moving 
from one to another, or dual booting into the same set of /home 
directories, as I did once.

Check, especially that the files in /var are owned by root:root and not 
by anything else or has a numeric ID listed, which implies that your 
user:group numbers have changed between distribution installs.


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