[Mageia-discuss] erros after mageia1 install

David Walser luigiwalser at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 16 19:11:20 CET 2011

bascule wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 December 2011 21:36:41 David Walser wrote:
>> The first set of messages you printed comes from msec.  The second comes
>> from sectool.  Basically,  you can ignore the messages from
>> sectool.  Unfortunately one of the updates to msec added sectool as a
>> requires or suggests, but sectool is not well integrated with msec or
>> Mageia.  There are bugs about this in the bugzilla.  The last comments on
>> the bug were that dropping sectool is probably the best option, but this
>> has not happened yet.
> ah, i found the bugs you mentioned and i think i now understand the problem, 
> each of sectool and msec require a config file or such that fits the 
> goup/owner/perms scheme of the distro and the sectool one is wrong/from 
> another distro, yes?
> i'll do as you suggest and pay attention to the msec report and not the 
> sectool, 
> thankyou
> bascule

Yes, I believe sectool comes from Fedora.

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