[Mageia-discuss] Dual Monitors

Robert Wood robert.wood at apostrophe.co.uk
Thu Dec 29 11:51:13 CET 2011

it most definitely is possible and really quite easy with nvidia dual 
monitor cards and nvidia-settings.  It's also very easy with a laptop 
running two screens, using  krandrtray. In fact with the latter it's 
easier than nvidia-settings sometimes.

As far as useful purpose, blimey, when you're writing software, it's so 
nice to have compiler on one window and schematic on another; for laying 
out PCBs, having schematic one screen, PCB on the other; when writing 
Linux apps with Qt, having creator in one window and designer in 
another; for general surfing having Firefox on one, Thunderbird on 
another etc etc. I've got two 24" 1920x1080 screens and it makes my 
working day *so* much easier.

Go for it, once you've tried it, you'll wonder how you managed without!

On 28/12/11 22:17, Maarten Vanraes wrote:
> Op maandag 26 december 2011 22:44:40 schreef TJ:
> [...]
>> 1. Is this possible in Mageia?
> likely yes
>> 2. How difficult is it?
> likely not that difficult, perhaps some manual intervention for rotating it.
>> OK, three questions...
>> 3. Any ideas for a useful purpose?
> I've seen people use this setup primarily to have documentation on the
> portrait side of screen + browsing, primarily because you see more lines and
> most websites/documentation don't use any kind of width.

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