[Mageia-discuss] UEFI and Secure Boot

jpbfree jpierre.benoit at free.fr
Fri Aug 24 11:52:32 CEST 2012

Le 24/08/2012 11:19, Anne Wilson a écrit :
> Yes, I'm sure.  There's no removable panel on the bottom of this one.
>  It looks like my original Aspire One, where you had to take off the
> keyboard, take out screws, then remove the back panel.
Yes seconded; I have one (AAO model sg5 with a 8Meg ssd) I upgraded the
ram to 1,5gb (was 512 Meg soldered) the bios doen't accept more than 1gB
memory card capacity.
Now the ssd seems to be dead and this machine is running from a
specially crafted mga2  USB stick (anyone know of a SSD replacement with
more space for this old iron ?).


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