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On Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 3:54 AM, Bartłomiej Wiśniewski <
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> Hi.
> I have 2 problems.
> 1. When I scroll with my mouse wheel it takes me more than 1 page up/down
> (when using scrolling on touchpad everything is ok) Is there any place in
> the Mageia Control Center or somewhere else where I can adjust this setting?
> 2. When using touchpad, when I click the right button, the system behaves
> the same when clicking by left button. I do not have buttons separated from
> the touchpad, they are part of it.

The solution I found for an Asus computer is to slightly touch (not
pressing) the pad with one finger for left click, and with two finger for
the right click. Maybe it'll work for you too.


> My laptop: Samsung NP-SF310
> Thanks for any help
> Bartek
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