[Mageia-discuss] FSF anf UEFI SecureBoot

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Sun Dec 30 22:36:20 CET 2012

Op zondag 30 december 2012 21:17:38 schreef Ludovic V Meyer:
> Except it does let 3rd parties OS boot, at least on X86, since the norm
> mandate it.
> And for arm tablet, no one reacted when Apple, Acer, Samsung, Archos and
> lots of others locked down their devices, so trying to argue that we now
> expect them to be open would not work.

actually, they didn't. you can root each of those iinm.

this is about having a secure key hardcoded "burned" in the device, which is 
both stupid and annoying. because since apps need to be secured too, too many 
people have access to the root key. which means the chance of leak is higher. 
which means that your devices need to be thrown out when the rootkey is 
compromised or when it's deemed obsolete and a new key will be in place.

the thing here is that since you buy a device, it's yours and you can do what 
you want with it. why would you give other parties control over your device? 
it's stupid. there needs to be a way as an owner to decide which root keys you 
trust or not.

> And regarding using consumer protection channels, no one did anything to
> make anything move since one year despite being widely publicized on
> various blogs, so how is your proposal different ?
> Talk is cheap, if every people who proposed that ( for example, on slashdot
> or various foras where nerds are discussing ), someone would have started
> the work by the time. No one did, and that's because everybody that would
> be serious enough know this is built on wrong assumptions.

in the end talk is cheap and noone does anything about it. or rather instead 
of working together, all the companies who back the major linuxes decide to go 
down the easy route. (like subscribing into the microsoft program and using 
their root key...)


PS: please don't toppost.

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