[Mageia-discuss] mageia under vmware ESXi

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Thu Nov 1 20:38:09 CET 2012

Al 01/11/12 16:04, En/na David Walser ha escrit:

>> Maybe nobody got in touch with vmware to have mageia listed as a "certified" distribution?
> Not sure what it matters having it "certified."

To me less than zero, to my boss (scared by the vendor[*]) it seems it matters.

> I run several Mageia server VMs in ESXi at work and they work great.

I personally have no doubt that it works perfectly, but my opinion doesn't count.

[*]a vendor that has no experience with Linux and is proposing to migrate our samba/ldap setup to an active domain managed by windows server and files shared directly by a netapp filer (since they say that netapp only works with a "real" active directory implementation and cannot manage users permissions with ldap).


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