[Mageia-discuss] problems with kmail2

Renaud MICHEL r.h.michel+mageia at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 00:40:39 CET 2012

on Friday 02 November 2012 20:45:25 Shlomi Fish wrote :
> I cannot help you with your KMail2/Akonadi issues, but I can say that
> after KMail 2  and me did not get along, I had to switch to a different
> MUA (= mail user agent), and eventually went with claws-mail. Claws-Mail
> is not perfect, but it has most of KMail's useful features, and appears
> to work nicely. It's also very fast, and I run it fine through ssh over
> my laptop's wifi network and it's still responsive.
> I have written some scripts to convert away from KMail here (let me know
> if there's something you don't understand there):
> https://bitbucket.org/shlomif/convert-away-from-kmail/overview

Thank you, I will keep that at hand if I decide to migrate to claws-mail.

For now, it seems I was wrong on the "lost some email" part. It was more of 
a problem with filters which moved some mails to the wrong folder, but when 
I selected that folder the mails were moved back where they should.

So I will give kmail2 a few days to see how it behave.

Renaud Michel

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