[Mageia-discuss] python2.7 and idlelib

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Mon Nov 5 07:42:49 CET 2012

Op zondag 4 november 2012 16:26:26 schreef Paul Simon:
> "Funda Wang" <fundawang at gmail.com> wrote in
> message
> news:CAOfq2QR6o2hmnqUozmbL37TH+fPA+D8qgHzz1OV5JkY1xfCjqw at mail.gmail.com...
> Try `urpmq -l tkinter`
> 2012/11/5 Paul Simon <psimon at sonic.net>
> I've just started moving a python project from mageia 1 to mageia 3 and have
> found that the idlelib and lib-tk directories are missing from
> /usr/lib/python2.7.   I'm surprised it hasn't been found before as idle.py
> isn't installed and it's dependency on tk isn't either.  Can we get a fixup
> for this?  I'm just a user and don't know how to repair this.
> Paul Simon
> ---------------------
> "no package named tkinter"
> Paul S.

why not just search for idle.py files?

"urpmf idle.py"

that lists packages that contain this file

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