[Mageia-discuss] Concept store

Rory Albertyn rory.a at radiantnet.co.za
Wed Nov 7 13:05:32 CET 2012


I am in the process of opening a concept store as well as many branches 
of my company across my country UK etc.
In my country, due to what many businesses see as a failure in windows8 
they are now moving to Linux. Part of my aim is to offer consultancy and 
Mageia pre-built systems to them as well as support.

So, what I am wanting to know is, Where, how and what are my steps to 
brand my store, business documentation and posters/flyers etc with the 
Mageia logo etc. I'd also like to make a Mageia section with demo 

Since I am from the start, named for the Southern African Mageia 
community, I'd like to carry on with this and promote Mageia to as many 
people and businesses moving away from windows. But, I want to do it the 
right way and not infringe on any possible copyrights etc. this is why 
I'd like to make double sure if I can have the above done. I'd even want 
to put a big Lit up 3d Mageia sign outside the store and office block.

Kind Regards,
Rory Albertyn

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