[Mageia-discuss] software-induced hard disk sector reallocation problem

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Mon Nov 12 12:14:18 CET 2012

Op maandag 12 november 2012 20:39:41 schreef Tony Blackwell:
> Further info and thoughts.
> The 2nd episode reported above was with 7 x 2TB hard disks in the tower
> and the eighth (the 3 TB to be configured) loose on top via the last
> SATA connection.  I have since removed this 3TB, rebooted and
> gsmartcontrol no longer shows one of the 2TB disks with a bunch of
> reallocated sectors.  ('tho I'm +/- sure the first disk showing
> reallocation errors persisted).
> 1. Could it be a power-related problem??  850 watt power supply, ASUS
> P6T M'board, 4Gb RAM, GeForce GTX 285 video card, intel core i7 920
> CPU...  No other system problems to suggest this.
> 2,  M'board provides 2 different chipsets to drive some of the SATA
> ports each.  Relevant???
> Appreciate any ideas.
> Tony Blackwell

if you have a spare PSU, you could just put that psu on that disk alone, and 
hotwire the header plug to start the psu voltages, to pre-power your disk 

then proceed and see if that's really the issue.

other ideas: 
1) the onboard fakeraid is getting initialized and has an effect on it (check 
bios after plugging disks in)
2) the 7th and 8th port alone is a different chipset and has some weird issues, 
like when 8th port is plugged, 7th starts failing
3) i guess software is always possible, but i would start eliminating all the 
hardware issues

btw: what happens if you add the 3TB once more? will the reallocated sectors 
show up again? (i wonder)

if all this fails, i'd send an email to lkml to get more ideas or ways to 
check it.

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