[Mageia-discuss] Network install cannot get mirror list

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Fri Jan 6 21:23:09 CET 2012


I finally got a new computer where I want to install mageia 1.
I'm trying the network install, but it says it cannot get the mirror list,
the message in the log console is:

 HTTP: unable to get mirrors list from mirrors.mageia.org (/api/basic.1.x86_64.list)

If I try and wget http://mirrors.mageia.org/api/basic.1.x86_64.list on the same computer
(on the ALT+F2 console) I can get the file correctly.
I suppose that I can manually specify a mirror (didn't try yet), but why is telling me
it cannot get that file?


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