[Mageia-discuss] Network install cannot get mirror list

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Sat Jan 7 11:33:45 CET 2012

Al 06/01/12 22:12, En/na Maarten Vanraes ha escrit:

> afaik the installer uses wget to grab files; try that in tty2

I checked the sources of the installer in svn[*] and, no, it doesn't use wget.
There's a function http_download_file in url.c and it uses mygethostbyname
in dns.c to resolve names.
That's where the message "unknown host" comes from, and I have a hunch that the problem
lies there.
Btw, I tried also with the 32 bits boot.iso and the result is the same.
Note also that a couple years ago I managed to do a network install of mandriva 
(IIRC 2010.0, or maybe 2009, I'm not really sure) on another pc.

[*]so maybe they're not exactly the same of the boot.iso I downloaded, though dns.c
hasn't been modified in 10 months.


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