[Mageia-discuss] Glitch with nvidia FX 5500 card driver

Maarten Vanraes alien at rmail.be
Fri Jan 20 20:06:33 CET 2012

Op vrijdag 20 januari 2012 13:26:54 schreef TJ:
> The computer I use also uses the 6200OC card, the same model in fact
> that now resides within my brother's computer. So, I suppose I could, in
> what there is of my spare time, create another Mageia install (I almost
> think it would be easier for me to use Mageia 1), download the updated
> driver from nvidia, figure out how to install it (I always used the
> proprietary drivers available from the distro before), and try a test.
> Or maybe it would be better if I filed a bug report/package request for
> the update and participate in testing along with whoever else might wish
> to do so.
> TJ

well, nvidia has a maintainer iinm, so perhaps your bug could be resolved 
using this update, i'd advise to file a bug and speak with the maintainer about 
it. but you can always test on your own, if you like.

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