[Mageia-discuss] Folder View didn't

TJ andrewsfarm at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 16:26:58 CET 2012

Using fully-updated 32-bit Mageia 1, server kernel, proprietary driver 
for nVidia 6200OC video card, with a Sempron 3100+, 2 GB RAM, KDE, 
desktop effects enabled, but neither Compiz nor Matisse installed.

I have but one user aside from root, and have Mageia set up to 
automatically log him in. I use Folder View to show the Desktop folder. 
I use personal photos as wallpaper, scaled with the aspect ratio 
preserved. This leaves empty bars on either side of the wallpaper, black 
in my case, where I have Folder View put the icons. The icons change 
from time to time, because I put those related to current projects up 
there for convenience.

Once in a great while, just a few minutes ago in fact, when I boot up 
the icons are missing. They aren't simply invisible, because clicking on 
a spot where I know one is supposed to be gets no response. They aren't 
there. If I look at the Folder View settings, they all show as being as 
they should be. The panel looks normal, but if I click on the icon to 
bring up the KDE menu, the menu is displayed dropped down from the top 
of the screen instead of up from the panel as it normally does.

Logging out and back in puts things back to normal. No reboot required. 
So while a bit annoying, it doesn't happen very often and it's something 
I can live with.

But I'm curious. Has anybody else seen this behavior?


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