[Mageia-discuss] missing volume control

TJ andrewsfarm at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 23:44:44 CET 2012

On 01/08/2012 11:54 AM, TJ wrote:
> This has happened once in a while before, but considerably more often in
> the last few days.
> I have Mageia set up to automatically log in my one and only ordinary
> user when I boot up. Lately, maybe 25% of the time, when I boot up the
> volume control is missing from the system tray. Logging out and back in
> (reboot not needed, but would probably work, too)restores it. I noticed
> today and yesterday that when this happens the "welcome" music is
> truncated to one or two notes. I didn't notice one way or the other
> before yesterday.
> Anybody else see this?
> I'm using a fully-updated 32-bit Mageia 1 with KDE and an AMD Sempron
> 3100+ processor, Fujitsu D1711 (modified Asus K8V-MX) motherboard, 2GB
> RAM, IDE hard drives. Sound settings other than volume are wherever the
> installer put them last June. Speakers are plugged into the back panel,
> as this case doesn't have front panel audio ports.
> TJ
"Fixed" this one. I learned that the volume control was missing every 
time I booted with Ktorrent also active. Brain eventually thawed, and I 
right-clicked on the system tray and selected System Tray Settings. Once 
there I changed Kmix from "Auto" to "Always Visible" and because I 
rarely use it, changed Klipper to "Hidden."

After rebooting with Ktorrent active, the volume control was visible in 
the system tray, as desired.


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