[Mageia-discuss] [Poll] What are your top requirements?

Moreau Serge serge.moreau at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jan 29 07:34:49 CET 2012

Just to mention my opinion on this poll.
I think it is useful and need to be diffuse. Evidently all points can not be 
reached immediately. I am not an expert at all, but i used Mandrake, Mandriva 
and Mageia for at least the last 8 years. More importantly, i tried to 
convince friends to have a look at linux systems, and for some of them i 
succeeded and bought with them machines which may have the more chances to run 
linux successfully.
The most difficult things, they have to admit is that the wifi, the sound, the 
webcam of the laptop they bought wont work. They also want to enjoy most of 
internet abilities, videos, and VOIP.
However they easily admit somes advantages in term absence of virus risks, and 
accept  to move towards new softwares.

That's why I think we must focus on hardware recognition and the ability to 
use some nonfree codecs. An easy installer is not in that case particularly 
important, and the state reached by mageia actually is good.


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