[Mageia-discuss] Alpha 3 snapshot

Juergen Harms Juergen.Harms at unige.ch
Tue Feb 14 11:29:56 CET 2012

 > Weird. Please file a bug.
I will do my best - start with buying a bunch of flowers for my wife (-

Please dont misunderstand my note: I wanted to draw a list of what a 
user sees in what is going to become the Beta release - principle reason 
is to allow double-checking that there are corresponding fixing 
activities going on, and have the right priority - far from wanting to rant.

1. genhdlist2 dependency in urpmi. I will file a bug

6. "ldconfig: /usr/lib/libjpeg.so.62 is not a symbolic link" message
Yes, this is the only message that appears (and you only see it when the 
program is launched from a console. I think applications are gtk2. 
Digging into this will be work-intensive (fiddling with Gtk3 requires me 
to do some learning, particularly since I have only experience with perl 
Gtk - which presently means Gtk2. I will do this when time is left

7. So far, no need to file a bug - that is still at the level of 
"homework for the maintainer" (I guess there has been quite some 
evolution of Gtk between the beginning of Alpha1 and today).

The message I wanted to give is : "I have done my work in November" is 
not a guarantee that the packages somebody is maintaining will still 
work now.

8. Dbus message: I am working with KDE, it is a KDE notification message 
- but does not look like the reason is KDE specific - I have not seen 
any bug reporting on this - will observe and file a bug if I get enough 
info to work upon - and would be interested if this is observed elsewhere

10. random console switching: not KDE related - there is a long forum 
thread and a bug filed on this one - but the effect is extremely 
annoying for the user - this should be fixed before beta.
Bugzilla 4170, forum url 

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