[Mageia-discuss] Fosdem report

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Tue Feb 14 14:08:32 CET 2012

Le mardi 14 février 2012 à 08:25 +0100, Oliver Burger a écrit :
> Am 13.02.2012 17:19, schrieb Michael Scherer:
> >And I also found there was some pages written on the wiki
> > without warning the one in charge of keeping the record working ( ie,
> > that's a duplication from the ldap where I stored everything, I love
> > when people do my work, but I really prefer when they tell me ).
> >
> You are referring to which pages exactly?

Mainly this one 


> And if we don't want to have a duplication, we simply need a way to 
> display those ldap contents somewhere:

We know, and there is a bug and a project for that. Don't get me wrong,
I do not mind to have it in the wiki for the time being ( or later ) and
that's the simplest solution. But I do mind that the information there
is incorrect, and that the person who should (IMHO) take care of keeping
it accurate do not know that it should be done.

For example of wrong info, I was elected deputy for packagers ( as
written on https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Packaging , among others ), and
not listed as such. There is no representative for sysadmin team
( should be boklm, iirc, even if the page for sysadmin team was not
filled, but I took care of gettin ). 

I do not care that people do errors, that happens, but we should aim for
accuracy if we want to have it as reference.

> Because all of us, who are not sysadmin, have an equal right to be able 
> to see that information, don't we?

Since no one asked me for the information, I just thought it was not a
priority ( but I can reorganize, it would just require to put some
others thing that people have been asking to the end of the list ).

Besides, the information is public since it was sent to various mls, and
have been discussed in meeting, on irc. So there is a equal right to
access the information, just not a practical one.

Michael Scherer

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