[Mageia-discuss] cauldron special install (advices needed)

David Walser luigiwalser at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 19 03:58:18 CET 2012

Juergen Harms wrote:
> In case you stick to rsync, you might be interested in rpmsync - was 
> available on Mandriva, I think presently not on Mageia: rpmsync knows 
> about versions of packages and could, if my memory is right, destroy 
> obsoleted versions - for rsync they are just files and stay; but you can 
> easily make a script that purges obsoleted package files with obsoleted 
> versions).

rpmsync will rename updated rpms and move moved rpms before the rsync, which saves some bandwidth.  Ultimately, it runs rsync, so the end 
result should be the same.  I originally wrote rpmsync some time around 2003.  I've been meaning to update a few things in it for some time.  I 
will import it into Mageia when I get around to it.  I still use it for my mirroring, so the MDV package still works fine.

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