[Mageia-discuss] Mageia Podcast

Sebastian sebsebseb sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Mon Feb 20 00:26:19 CET 2012


On Valentines day on IRC edge226 (Edward) suggested that I started a 
podcast for Mageia. Soon after the three of us edge226, linuxguy101 
(Rodger), and myself sebsebseb (Sebastian) decided that we would start a 
podcast for Mageia.

Earlier this weekend, we did a recording test,and had Skype chats with 
each other.

We haven't done a proper test episode or first episode yet, we also 
haven't sorted out a theme tune for the show. I am hoping that someone 
is willing to make us a good one, so if you are that person, please get 
back to me about that.

The theme tune and any other music in the show, must be legal for us to 
use, for example Creative Commons.

The podcast episodes will be about what's going on with Mageia and that 
kind of thing, and hopefully many of them will have at least one person 
to interview, be they a packager or developer of Mageia, or just a user 
that wants to share their user experience.

The podcast episodes will be mainly focussed on Mageia, and should be of 
interest to many current users, but also potential users. They will also 
have stuff in them that isn't about Mageia as such, for example general 
Linux distros stuff.

An episode of the show will probably be about an hour or two,  or 
possibly about 45 minutes. Ideally I would like to have a guest in most 
episodes as well, or more than one. Would you like to come on as a 
guest, or maybe even sometimes be a host, and why?

I think that an episode should have a theme tune at the beginning, and 
possibly a song as well, then a musical break half way through or so, 
and maybe at least one more depending on how long the episode is, with a 
song at the end as well. How long do you think episodes should be and 
why? Any comments about show music?

We haven't really got hosting sorted out at the moment, maybe we can 
host the episodes on http://mageia.org, however I would like access to 
episode download statistics for example as well. Also I know someone 
online who might host it for us. However maybe you would like to host 
the episodes for us, and provide download stats as well?

Do you think a Mageia podcast is a good idea? Please reply to this email 
with any feedback :).

 From Sebastian sebsebseb

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