[Mageia-discuss] Pronunciation

Oliver Burger oliver.bgr at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 20 16:22:37 CET 2012

Am 20.02.2012 15:53, schrieb imnotpc:
> As a native English speaker the 'magic' pronunciation is more natural to
> me, but then again there are a lot of words that are butchered when
> pronounced using English rules (pretty much anything in French for
> example).
> Jeff

That's why it was explicitely said, "pronounce it as you like".
For English speakers it's like in "magic", for Germans like in "garden", 
for French like the "sh" in "bash" and so on.
Fir the greek (and Mageia is a greek word) it's different again, but I 
don't know, an English word with a similar pronounciation :)


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