[Mageia-discuss] Pronunciation

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 20 18:45:55 CET 2012

2012/2/20 Johnny A. Solbu <cooker at solbu.net>:
> On Monday 20 February 2012 15:21, Doug Lytle wrote:
>> There is no official pronunciation, you can use whichever one you like."
> This reminds me of something attributed to Linus torvalds, by Jon maddog Hall.
> Hall was asked at a conference many years ago how one pronounced "Linux" and how Linus preferred that we did. To which Hall gave a few examples on how to pronounce it, how Torvalds pronounced it, and said that Torvalds really didn't care what name (e.g. Linux vs. GNU/Linux) or pronounciation you use, as long as you used the system. ;-)=

Yes, that's the contents of the famous sound file by Linus where he
says exactly that. Although Jon pretends that this sound file was
recorded after they spent some time and bottles of beer in the sauna
at Linus' home in the north! (during an exhibition I spent a week with
Jon and other such people and he told us zillions of anecdotes such as
this one :)
(see visible proof at
http://www.mandrivauser.de/copper/displayimage.php?album=5&pos=1) :)


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