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John Bowden led43john at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 20 21:38:16 CET 2012

On Sunday 19 Feb 2012 23:26:19 Sebastian sebsebseb wrote:
> Hi
> On Valentines day on IRC edge226 (Edward) suggested that I 
started a
> podcast for Mageia. Soon after the three of us edge226, 
> (Rodger), and myself sebsebseb (Sebastian) decided that we 
would start a
> podcast for Mageia.
> Earlier this weekend, we did a recording test,and had Skype chats 
> each other.
> We haven't done a proper test episode or first episode yet, we also
> haven't sorted out a theme tune for the show. I am hoping that 
> is willing to make us a good one, so if you are that person, please 
> back to me about that.
> The theme tune and any other music in the show, must be legal for 
us to
> use, for example Creative Commons.
> The podcast episodes will be about what's going on with Mageia 
and that
> kind of thing, and hopefully many of them will have at least one 
> to interview, be they a packager or developer of Mageia, or just a 
> that wants to share their user experience.
> The podcast episodes will be mainly focussed on Mageia, and 
should be of
> interest to many current users, but also potential users. They will 
> have stuff in them that isn't about Mageia as such, for example 
> Linux distros stuff.
> An episode of the show will probably be about an hour or two,  or
> possibly about 45 minutes. Ideally I would like to have a guest in 
> episodes as well, or more than one. Would you like to come on as a
> guest, or maybe even sometimes be a host, and why?
> I think that an episode should have a theme tune at the beginning, 
> possibly a song as well, then a musical break half way through or 
> and maybe at least one more depending on how long the episode 
is, with a
> song at the end as well. How long do you think episodes should be 
> why? Any comments about show music?
> We haven't really got hosting sorted out at the moment, maybe we 
> host the episodes on http://mageia.org, however I would like 
access to
> episode download statistics for example as well. Also I know 
> online who might host it for us. However maybe you would like to 
> the episodes for us, and provide download stats as well?
> Do you think a Mageia podcast is a good idea? Please reply to this 
> with any feedback :).
>  From Sebastian sebsebseb
hears my sujestion: an hour for each episode, maybe a theam music 
song and the first few mins on mageia news, say about how the next 
version is doing, any majour security problems and their fix big 
software additions, then a song folowed by an interview and then 
end with a song and whats in the next podcast. 
Reagards John (Led43_........)
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