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> Hi, I'm no network expert but I have some practical experience with
> home networks.
> The first thing I would do is check the IP addresses on your home
> computers. Did you configure these yourself, or are you getting
> addresses from a DHCP service on your router. The "ifconfig" command
> issued on each machine should hopefully show you both/all machines
> have addresses in the same network; likely possibilities are

ip addresses were not configured

> 192.168.0.?
> 192.168.1.?

Only each computer is seen, i.e. 'ifconfig' on computer A shows only
the ip address for computer A and similarly for computer B. Both
computers using mandriva. Both connected to the same netgear broadband
router and both are able to connect to the internet.

> 10.0.0.?
> If there is a DHCP service running on the router then the chances are
> high that you can do what you want and perhaps you are being prevented
> by firewalls on the computers themselves.
> Using the Mandriva Control Centre go to the Security panel and
> double-click the "Personal firewall"  option. While you are having
> "fun" getting the net working it may be a good idea to disable the
> firewalls by ticking the "Everything" box in the "Which services would
> you like to allow the Internet to connect to?" list.

Both disabled and re-enabled; no effect.

> Now you can try the nmap command to see what your computer can see. It
> should already be installed but it's no more than a quick "urpmi nmap"
> away. My net is using 192.168.0.? so here is the output I see from
> nmap;
> [root at Tureen rich]# nmap -sP 192.168.0.*
> Starting Nmap 5.51.6 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2012-03-04 22:29 GMT
> Nmap scan report for
> Host is up.
> Nmap scan report for
> Host is up (0.000097s latency).

Similar above visible in command terminal.

> MAC Address: 00:19:DB:4E:A8:61 (Micro-star International CO.)

no mac visible

> Nmap scan report for gunn (
> Host is up (0.00015s latency).


> MAC Address: 00:10:4B:C3:BF:8C (3com)

not visible

> Nmap done: 256 IP addresses (3 hosts up) scanned in 10.44 seconds

Aren't there terminal commands available to achieve network functionality?

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