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Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Tue Mar 6 21:09:09 CET 2012

> Hi there,
> I'd like to apply for the board elections as a candidate., So I will
> follow the steps, misc has outlined in his mail to all association
> members.
> I am cc'ing mageia-discuss, because I think, the whole project should
> at least know, who the board candidates are and what they are doing.
> First, let me tell you abit about me:
> In real life, I am a 33 year old "dual student" (meaning I work in
> parallel in a company), I am working as a web developer  (mainly using
> php) and I live in the south-west of Germany.
> Now about my Mageia life: I was joining the Mageia mls and irc
> channels in the beginning, being a long time Mandriva user and member
> of the German mandrivauser.de community. Together with wobo I helped
> in the creation of the i18n team. In the beginning I was i18n
> substitute leader and when wobo had to step down for personal reasons,
> I was elected its team leader.
> Next to that I was helping rda a bit on the website and I am in
> packaging and documentation team.
> The reasons, why I apply for the board:
> I think, being a board member is an important task. You have to be
> dedicated to the project and you have to represent it in the public.
> It's more about a duty to the project then about having a somewhat
> shining position.
> I was first thinking about applying to the board, when wobo asked me
> to do so, telling me he had to step down from that position as well,
> because he feels, he can no longer take an active position in the
> project as he did in the beginning.
> Although I am more involved in the technical fields of the project
> then wobo was, being an i18n and doc team member makes me part of the
> non technical fields as well.
> So I would add to the manifoldness of the board.
> Oliver

I support Oliver's candidature - aside from any perceived national
imbalance 8-), and his obvious talents, I'm impressed by the amount he
packs into his life! If you want something done, ask a busy person.

Oliver, if you burn out, you can always come and collapse at my place...


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