[Mageia-discuss] home network using broadband router

Florian Hubold doktor5000 at arcor.de
Thu Mar 8 23:53:34 CET 2012

Am 07.03.2012 14:04, schrieb Cazacu Bogdan:
> Wont it be simpler to post the output from ifconfig here? And aventually a traceroute output? :)
> Honestly i've tried to understand what is the problem (i'm [still] guessing it's dhcp related by the looks of the problem and replies) but i'm not sure i got it...
Yep, that would be rather helpful as a beginning.
Unrelated: Top-posting is ugly ;)

Some other notes, from what i read in the thread: most routers
also allow for what is often referenced as "static DHCP" which means
statically assigning specific IP adresses via DHCP, always to the
same machine based on it's MAC adress, which is essentially
the same as manually-configured static adresses, but
with a lot less hassle and no manual setup required.

Also one should not mangle the external IP adress (which is usually
assigned by the ISP, under which your router is visible to the internet,
and normally can't be changed manually) with your internal adresses.

That other part are the IP adresses which you use on your local network,
which you can setup any way you want, and that has nothing to do with
your ISP.

Another thing: When editing /etc/hosts, i wouldn't remove the loopback
entries, but only add additional entries if you really need to.
This is also another drawback if you manually assign IP adresses
and can be easily avoided by properly configuring/using DHCP.
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> Guys, remotely diagnosing networking problems without having all the relevant information, like the exact IP adresses (if they are from any private range of either class A, B or C networks, they're not even routable over the internet, so don't need to be anonymized) the exact internal routers adress, netmasks and maybe routing tables will just be a wild guessing back and forth.
> Also firewalls should be switched off at both client computers to rule those out.

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