[Mageia-discuss] Bug off!

Karel Roth k.roth at planet.nl
Fri Mar 23 16:49:17 CET 2012

On 03/22/2012 10:16 PM, Remco Rijnders wrote:
> In order to reach as wide a target audience as we have in mind with it,
> please find below a courtesy copy of the latest blog post.
> http://blog.mageia.org/en/2012/03/22/bug-off/
> =======================================================================
> The past months, Mageia has been hard at work getting Alpha and Beta
> releases out for our upcoming release Mageia 2. With Beta 2 out of the
> door, and the release candidate on the way, it is time to reflect for a
> moment on our current situation.
> A lot of hard work has been done by a lot of people. Developers, QA &
> and triaging teams, and not in the least beta testers have worked hard
> to improve our distribution to the best of our abilities and to ensure
> that Mageia 2 will become a release for everyone to enjoy.
> During the testing, a number of bugs have been found which have been
> marked as release blockers. While we are hard at work on resolving them,
> there still is a lot to be done, and we can’t release while any release
> blocking bugs are still outstanding.
> To this end, we’d like to invite everyone to participate in Mageia’s
> first bug squashing party!
> The bug squash party will take place this weekend from friday 4 PM CET,
> to monday 10 PM CEST in #mageia-bugsquad on the Freenode IRC network.
> We invite you to join in during this weekend to help us fix as many bugs
> as we can! Everyone can help! If you are a packager, we encourage you to
> get outside of your comfortzone and also have a look for example at
> installer bugs, wifi bugs, systemd issues, and so on! As end user you
> can help as well, we are still looking at increasing testing coverage to
> see if we catch all major issues before going gold with our release.
> Some bugs only manifest themselves on certain hardware profiles… if your
> computer is affected by one of these bugs, we especially appreciate your
> availability to help with testing to see if we can squeeze those nasty
> bugs!
> Over the weekend, we will have a special page on our wiki where we will
> track the status of all issues we’re working on, as well as a daily
> update of our progress and work outstanding on the mailinglists -discuss
> and -dev.
> We hope to see you on IRC in #mageia-bugsquad this weekend to help us
> make Mageia even better and make Mageia 2 a rock solid release!
> Mageia Triage Team
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